Creative Director

Over the past 6-years, I've had the privelege to help shape design at Spotify. First as a designer, leading and setting the future vision, then as a leader working to uplevel the overall quality and consistency of our design language.

Spotify 2016

A preview of the upcoming reduction design, focussed on unifying, simplifying and amplifying Spotify's Design language. We're also busy making our design more accessible to more listeners.



Design Doesn't Scale

Design Doesn't Scale is a statement that has bothered me for the last four-years. When I joined Spotify’s design team in 2012, the level of inconsistency and fragmentation shocked me. Up-close, the treatment of type, colour, imagery, layout, IA, and interactions just didn't…

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  • Design Matters Copenhagen, Denmark
  • King Conference Barcelona, Spain
  • University of Venice Venice, Italy
  • Design & Innovation Dundee, Scotland